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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a question that is not answered below or you would like to talk to us in more detail about vehicle leasing please contact us.

What types of finance do you provide?

We provide Business Contract Hire, Business Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Hire and Personal Contract Purchase.

What is Contract Hire?

"Contract Hire" is a fixed term hire agreement, ownership of the vehicle remains with the finance house throughout the duration of the agreement, so you simply pay a fixed price per month for the use of the vehicle.

Worried about depreciation? 

No need as the vehicle "residual" or "re-sale" burden is taken by the finance house. VAT registered businesses are able to reclaim 50% of the VAT on the monthly finance rental (100% for vans) and 100% of the VAT of the VAT on the optional maintenance rental.

What is Contract Purchase?

"Contract Purchase" is a fixed term purchase agreement where you have the option of purchasing the vehicle for a fixed amount (often referred to as a balloon) at the end of the agreement. As the balloon is guaranteed by the finance company there is no risk of a loss upon disposal at the end of the contract.

What types of vehicle can we provide?

THW can source and supply all makes & models of cars & light commercial vehicles (vans) available in the UK market today.

Will the vehicle be supplied new?

All of the vehicles we provide are new and registered on the day of delivery. Occasionally we may have special offers on "pre-registered" vehicles which may have been registered prior to the vehicle being delivered; we will of course inform you of this prior to delivery of your vehicle.

How long can I lease a vehicle for?

We can arrange lease periods from 2-5 years.

Is there a restriction on the amount of miles I can cover per year?

All of our contracts are based around a pre-determined contract mileage which can be between 5,000-60,000 miles per year (although there is a maximum of 150,000 contract miles).

What initial deposit is required?

Typically an initial payment equivalent to three monthly rentals is required. A larger initial payment can be made in order to reduce you subsequent monthly rentals.

Is Road Tax included?

Yes, with all our contracts road tax (road fund licence) is included throughout the duration of the contract. If for any reason there is a variation in this you will be informed at the point of quotation.

Is insurance included?

No, we do not currently provide insurance.

Who is responsible for maintaining the vehicle?

Our standard lease terms are based on you maintaining and servicing the vehicle. For a fixed monthly fee we can add a full maintenance and service contract to take care of all your vehicle running costs (excluding fuel, insurance & damage).

What is included in a full maintenance package?

The optional maintenance package will include all routine servicing, tyres, fair wear & tear maintenance items (such as brake pads, wiper blades etc..) and breakdown cover. Damage caused to the vehicle by accident or neglect is not included within the package.

Do the vehicles have a warranty?

Yes, all the vehicles we supply come with a full manufacturer's warranty.

Where do I take my vehicle to get it serviced?

For non maintenance contracts you will need to make arrangements for the vehicle to be serviced by the manufacturers' respective dealer network. With full maintenance contracts you are provided a "one-stop" phone number to call for all maintenance issues which will be arranged by the finance provider.

What information do I need to supply to order a car?

Initially we only need basic contact and financial information. This can be done easily by applying online. Should we require any further information we will contact you accordingly.

Can I nominate my local dealer to supply the vehicle?

Yes by all means, we have negotiated specific terms with our preferred supplier network and as long as your local dealer can match these terms we can use them to supply the vehicle.

How long before I can take delivery?

Delivery can take as little as a week for vehicles that are in stock. Vehicles that have to be ordered from the factory usually take 8-10 weeks.

Do I have to collect the vehicle?

We include delivery to your place of work or home as standard with all our contracts. Collecting the vehicle from the supplying dealer is possible if you wish to take this option.

What happens is I wish to terminate the lease early?

Terminating the lease early is possible although this can prove expensive, please contact us for further details should you need to explore this avenue.

What if I exceed my contracted mileage?

If the contracted mileage is exceeded you will be liable to excess mileage charges (which are pre-agreed at the outset of the contract). If you believe that you may exceed you contracted mileage, please contact us as we can often re-negotiate the contract to reduce the potentially high burden at the end of the contract.

What happens at the end of the contract?

We will contact you three months prior to your contract expiring to discuss the options available to you. These will be to either; replace the vehicle with a new model, extend the current vehicle lease or simply hand the vehicle back.

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