What we offer our customers

Total Flexibility

The agreement that you sign will be one that fits your requirements, including term, type of agreement and allows us to keep the repayments within your budget.


Our experience has shown us that a wide range of funding needs to be in place. With over 40 lenders, we ensure your proposal is placed correctly, suiting the size, type of transaction and giving you the satisfaction that you are getting the best option.

Tax Efficient

All rentals can be deducted as a trading expense. We are able to provide you with a guide figure for your information.

Fixed rate

All payments under our agreement are fixed and do not change with interest rate or inflation, which allows you to budget more efficiently for your annual expenditure.


Our agreements offer no impact on bank security. Security is taken on the financed asset alone. Your bank will take security on all of your business assets.

One Stop

All paperwork and invoice arrangements are carried out by our knowledgeable staff. Your only involvement is to provide the initial information for underwriting and to sign the agreement.

Stage Payout

We can arrange for your suppliers to have funds released to them in stages to meet production/delivery deadlines.

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